SeisSol Team

The current SeisSol core team consists of researchers from the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität (LMU, Munich)  and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).
We also thank all of our collaborators and former team members listed below.


The SeisSol Core Team

Dr. Alice-Agnes Gabriel
(more info @LMU)

Thomas Ulrich
(more info @LMU)


Dr. Duo Li
(more info @LMU)

Carsten Uphoff
(more info @TUM)

Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman

(more info @LMU)

Sara Aniko Wirp

(more info @LMU)

Bo Li

(more info @LMU)

Lukas Krenz

(more info @TUM)

Ravil Dorozhinskii 

(more info @LMU)


Former Team Members

Dr. Alexander Breuer ( now @SDSC ) Dr. Alexander Heinecke (Intel)

Dr. Martin Käser (now at Munich Re)

Dr. Christian Pelties (now at Munich Re)
Sebastian Rettenberger (more info @TUM)

Stefan Wenk

Dr. Stephanie Wollherr (more info @LMU)

Dr. Betsy Madden (more info @LMU)

Sebastian Anger (more info @LMU)  



Prof. Dr. Michael Bader (more info @TUM) Prof. Dr. Martin Mai (more info @KAUST)
Dr. Gilbert Brietzke (more info @LRZ) Dr. Michael Dumbser (more info @UniTN)
Dr. Cristóbal E. Castro (more info @UTA Chile) Dr. Josep de la Puente (more info @BSC)
Dr. Yihe Huang (more info @Stanford) Dr. Jean-Paul Ampuero (more info @Caltech)
Luca Passone (more info @KAUST) Walter Imperatori (more info @SED)
Yang Li (more info @TUM)