Awards and Honours

  • IWSM 2017 Award Winning Poster. Bauer, Alexander, Fabian Scheipl, Helmut Küchenhoff, and Alice-Agnes Gabriel. (2017), Modeling spatio-temporal earthquake dynamics using generalized functional additive regression, in Proceedings of the 32nd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, 3-7 July, 2017, Groningen, Netherlands. .
  • 2017 SC17 Best Paper Award, International Supercomputing Conference, Denver, USA. Most prestigious prize for application driven high-performance computing awarding the longest and largest multi-physics simulations performed to date modelling the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake
  • 2014 ACM Gordon Bell Prize Finalist, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at Supercomputing Conference SC14, New Orleans, USA. Highly competitive, annually awarded prize for outstanding achievements in high-performance computing. In our submission, we performed multi-physics simulations of a 1992 Landers earthquake scenario on the largest existing supercomputers

Meet us here:

June 2019 - Smolenice Castle near Bratislava, Slovakia

Workshop - Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Motions: Waves and Ruptures

December 2019:

AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco:

  • High-resolution integrated dynamic rupture modeling of the 2019 M6.4 Searles Valley and M7.1 Ridgecrest earthquakes - Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Alice-Agnes Gabriel1, Bo LI, Duo Li, Aniko Sara Wirp, Thomas Ulrich, Kadek H Palgunadi, Alessandro Verdecchia, Sara Carena and Zoe K Mildon
  • Landers 1992 “Reloaded”: Integrative Dynamic Earthquake Rupture Modeling - Stephanie Wollherr, Nico Schliwa, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Paul Martin Mai
  • Multi-fault rupture dynamics of the Norcia, Mw 6.5, 30 October 2016, Central Italy earthquake, linked to composite kinematic models - Elisa Tinti, Emanuele Casarotti2, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Thomas Ulrich and Duo Li
  • 3D dynamic rupture earthquake and slow slip cycle modeling constrained by the slab geometry of the Guerrero seismic gap, Mexico - Duo Li, Andrea Perez and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • Using supercomputers to unravel multi-physics and multi-scale earthquake dynamics and seismic wave propagation: targeting exascale high-performance computing  - Alice-Agnes Gabriel  and Michael Bader
  • Are multi-fault rupture and fault roughness compatible? Dynamic rupture modeling of the 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikōura, New Zealand, rupture cascade with geometric fault complexity across scales- Thomas Ulrich, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Carsten Uphoff
  • Dynamic earthquake rupture across complex 3D fracture networks - Sebastian Anger and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • Coupled, physics-based modeling reveals earthquake displacements are critical in generating the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi tsunami - Elizabeth H Madden, Thomas Ulrich, Stefan Vater, Joern Behrens, Ylona van Dinther5, Iris van Zelst, Eric Jameson Fielding, Cunren Liang and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • Verification of a 3D Fully-Coupled Earthquake and Tsunami Model - Lauren S Abrahams, Lukas Krenz, Eric M Dunham and Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  • Splay fault rupture dynamics and off-fault deformation constrained by geodynamic subduction modelling - Iris van Zelst, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Ylona van Dinther
  • Spectral Element Discretizations with Implicit Time Integrators on Unstructured Simplex Meshes for Computational Seismology - Dave May, Alice-Agnes Gabriel, and Jed Brown
  • Rotational Motions in Anisotropic Media - Heiner Igel, Shihao Yuan, Taufiqurrahman Taufiqurrahman, Alice-Agnes Gabriel and Jean-Paul Montagner
  • Plastic deformation, slip segmentation, geodynamic constraints and seafloor uplift in dynamic earthquake rupture models - Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Thomas Ulrich, Iris van Zelst, Elizabeth H Madden and Ylona van Dinther

April 2019:

SeisSol at EGU 2019 In Vienna:

November 2018:

SeisSol at FAULT2SHA Workshop at KAUST

  • Landers 1992 "reloaded": an integrative dynamic earthquake rupture model - Stephanie Wollherr

SCEC Workshop: Dynamic Rupture Group Ingredients Workshop on Fault Geometry

  • Fault Geometry Effects and the 1992 Landers earthquake - Stephanie Wollherr (invited)

December 2017:

SeisSol at AGU 2017 in New Orleans:

November 2017:

The joint LMU Munich and TU Munich paper "Extreme scale multi-physics simulations of the tsunamigenic 2004 Sumatra megathrust earthquake" wins the Best Paper Award at the SC17 in Denver, Colorado.

More information:

LMU-TUM Research Team Wins Best Paper Award at SC17 

First detailed simulation of 2004 megathrust earthquake

Researchers Create Largest, Longest Multiphysics Earthquake Simulation to Date 


December 2016:

SeisSol at AGU 2016 in San Francisco:

  • Thomas Ulrich and Alice-Agnes Gabriel: "Ruptures on rough faults: insights from numerical simulations using SeisSol" (Talk)
  • Stephanie Wollherr and Alice-Agnes Gabriel "Realistic Physics for Dynamic Rupture Scenarios: The Example of the 1992 Landers Earthquake" (Poster)
  • Elizabeth H. Madden, Iris van Zelst, Thomas Ulrich, Ylona van Dinther and Alice-Agnes Gabriel: "Using New Constraints on Stress and Strength in Dynamic Rupture Models of the M 9.1-9.3 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake" (Poster)
  • Alice-Agnes Gabriel, Elizabeth H. Madden, Thomas Ulrich and Stephanie Wollherr: "Dynamic rupture scenarios from Sumatra to Iceland - High-resolution earthquake source physics on natural fault systems" (invited contribution)


October 2016:

The presentation "Large Scale I/O of an open-source earthquake simulation package" by Sebastian Rettenberger at the Results and Review Workshop of the High-Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart has been awarded the Golden Spike Award 2016.

August 2015:

SeisSol is now Open Source: https://github.com/SeisSol/SeisSol

July - Decembter 2015:

Prof. Martin Mai from KAUST was selected as August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor by TUM-IAS. From July to Decemeber 2015, he will cooperate with SCCS and the Seismology Group at Munich University on HPC-enabled multi-scale dynamic fracture simulations for natural and induced earthquakes.

November 2014:
Alexander Breuer received the 2014 ACM/IEEE Computer Society George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship at the 2014 Supercomputing Conference in New Orleans. See the respective press release on HPCwire

November 2014:
SeisSol has been nominated as finalists of the Gordon Bell Prize 2014 at SC 14.

June 2014:
The paper "Sustained Petascale Performance of Seismic Simulations with SeisSol on SuperMUC" received the PRACE ISC Award 2014 at the International Supercomputing Conference 2014, Leipzig.

June 2014:
Movie presented during the ISC 2014