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ChEESE hiring: Interested in physics-based models of earthquakes, tsunamis and hazard? Fond of Iceland, Italy, Barcelona? Not afraid of supercomputing? We are currently hiring! 3-year PhD and PostDoc opportunities within the ChEESE project coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre.



SeisSol is a software package for simulating wave propagation and dynamic rupture based on the arbitrary high-order accurate derivative discontinuous Galerkin method (ADER-DG).

Computational earthquake dynamics is emerging as a key component in physics-based approaches to strong motion prediction for seismic hazard assessment and in physically constrained inversion approaches to earthquake source imaging from seismological and geodetic observations. Typical applications in both areas require the ability to deal with rupture surfaces of complicated, realistic geometries with high computational efficiency. In our implementation, tetrahedral elements are used which allows for a better fit of the geometrical constraints of the problem, i.e., the fault shape, and for an easy control of the variation of element sizes using smooth refining and coarsening strategies.


Characteristics of the SeisSol simulation software are:

  • use of tetrahedral meshes
    to approximate complex 3D model geometries and rapid model generation
  • use of elastic, viscoelastic and viscoplastic material to approximate realistic geological subsurface properties.
  • use of arbitrarily high approximation order in time and space
    to produce reliable and sufficiently accurate synthetic seismograms or other seismological data set.

The code is Open Source:  https://github.com/SeisSol/SeisSol

Current code status
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